I’m Still Hungry

Catch the FireOkay, I will admit it. I should have read this book long, long ago. I kept hearing stories and I just somehow did not pick up the novel. I cannot tell you how many times I looked at it – even picked it up – in stores and placed it back on the shelves, moving away toward my comforting disaster chronicles.

Who knew?

At first, when I began reading, I was transported back to about 1985 and a movie that probably no one saw called Dragonslayer. In this movie, a lottery is held annually for a young girl to appease the dragon that plagues a village. A lottery is never, ever good.

Then, I stayed in 1985 with The Running Man, the televised gladiatorial games put on for the entertainment of a futuristic crowd.

And then, and only then, did I meet Katniss. A strong woman. A survivor. A hero and a pawn, all at the same time. Somewhere amongst Dragonslayer and The Running Man and Survivor, there was a real story here.

No spoilers to dodge in my musings here. Only a question – what did I learn about myself from this book? I haven’t quite figured it out. It read quickly and the action was nothing if not fast paced. But I haven’t come to my lesson yet.

Therefore, I am still hungry.

On the heart scale – Right now it is 7 hearts. I don’t know how the next books will play into this. The whole story may yet fill my belly.


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