I give it an A for Effort, a C for Content

A progress report on #theLIST. I am plugging along, but not as quickly as I like. Out of the 75 books, I have read ten. In the meantime, I have had to balance out the serious with copious amounts of comfort reading and the aforementioned 50 Shades of Grey, which was 100 shades of awful.

My current reading includes Endurance, by Lansing, about Shackelton’s failed expedition. I love a disaster. I did a bit of comfort reading, with classic Mary Stewart’s Wildfire at Midnight, and have picked up my book club book for the next meeting. I own almost all the books on #theLIST, and am pleased with 11 down. I’m definitely reading dangerously, but I only give myself a C. I could have cut out 50 Shades and read Fahrenheit 451. Live and learn.


Little Women-Alcott
Jane Eyre-Bronte
My Antoinia-Cather
The Great Gatsby-Fitzgerald
To Kill a Mockingbird-Lee
Animal Farm-Orwell
Slaughterhouse 5-Vonnegut
Breakfast of Champions-Vonnegut
The Color Purple-Walker
Revolutionary Road-Yates

A Tale of Two Cities-Dickens – HOPELESSLY STALLED
Dr. Zhivago-Pasternak – PLODDING AWAY
Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich – PLODDING AWAY

As a report – I don’t think I like Dickens, but it is required reading in literature heaven, so I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

I’d rather read Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Doesn’t that count as classic literature? Anyway. . .

I think I’ll move up House at Pooh Corner. It’s short and it always makes me feel all warm inside.

This has been a rather ambitious little undertaking. So far, Revolutionary Road, both Vonneguts, and The Great Gatsby are my favorites. All of them were well worth the time they took to read and the time I spent thinking about them.

9/10 Hearts. A for Effort.


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