#36in12 – The Roots of Romance

I spent 2012 in the arms of classic literature – acclaimed pieces that may or may not have captured my attention during my sketchy literary career. It has been a good project and #theLIST will continue to appear periodically throughout 2013. However, I judge my mind sufficiently improved for the moment and want to spend a year exploring the roots of the romance novel.

The romances I want to visit or revisit are, for the most part, not of the modern era. These are romances that captured either literary or popular attention probably no less than 30 years ago, with a few exceptions. My list is evolving but I have spent some time coming up with clever titles for my entries. In 2013, I am planning on putting together 1 review per month focusing on a particular romance style or author, some of whom I cannot live with and some of which I cannot live without.

As a tease, here are my clever titles for the year:

Austen City Limits


Historica Gothica

Medieval Times

Let Your Heyer Down

Queen Mary

The Cruel War

Fantasy Land

Runaway Train Wrecks


Oh Very Young

Guilty Pleasures

Really, I spent a long time making this stuff up. It is a lot of reading but it is reading that I will, for the most part, enjoy. That whole Train Wreck thing is going to be hard on me, though.

Hop on board for a light meandering that is designed to soothe my tired soul.


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